The transcription of the Georgian letter is a.
is pronounced almost like the first vowel in English money.


ანა აქ არ არის
ana ak ar aris
[Anna here not is]
Anna is not here

Click here to listen: a_f.mp3Speaker 1, a_m.mp3Speaker 2

When pronouncing the vowel a the mouth is widely open and the tip of the tongue rests laxly at the lower front teeth. The bulk of the tongue is advanced, top of the middle part of the tongue is slightly raised. The front part of the tongue is slightly concave and the tongue is tense. From the articulation standpoint a is the most open, slightly closed, back, low vowel.

The letter written or typed in this way is called ani.

It is traced out with one movement of the hand and is written between the middle lines: movement of the hand begins from a bit above the lower middle line, goes downwards, drawing an open circle from left to right at the lower middle line, continues upwards and finishes with a slightly rounded end at the upper middle line.

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Manana Kock Kobaidze & Karina Vamling
Malmoe University, Sweden